Monday, December 08, 2008


Unfortunately this blog has become somewhat of a monthly update since I am so bad at updating! So I have a new strategy for today...I have lots of things to update on, but I am going to do only one at a time in the hopes that I will come back tomorrow and update again! We'll see if it works.


Guam in November was AWESOME! Really, truly great. I can't believe I didn't go sooner. American stores, American prices, and best of all, American sizes!! All just three and a half hours away. R and I had a great time shopping, snorkeling, and eating, and just enjoying the beautiful weather.

Thanks to Gina's blog, I had a list of places I wanted to go, and we were able to hit nearly all of them! Micronesia Mall was GREAT! Thank you, Gina!

Our hotel was the Guam Plaza, which was by no means luxurious. But we were barely at the hotel anyway, and it was in a fabulous location for first-timers to Guam. And because the hotel wasn't luxurious, we were able to score a really cheap package plan through HIS! So no complaints at all!

We will definitely go back. Even R, who claims to hate shopping, had a great time at the stores and of course on the beach. Can't wait to go again!

P.S. To any fellow Shu Uemura addicts out there....the price of Shu Uemura cleansing oil at the DFS Galleria in Guam is HALF the price you pay in Japan! Definitely cheaper than anywhere else.


Gina said...

I am *so* glad you and R liked Guam so much!!! It really is like almost like a mini America so close to us in Japan! Whenever I get homesick while in Japan, and can't fly all the way home to Denver : (, going to Guam, makes me feel so much better.: )

I hope you and R, get to go again and again, you both deserve it!

It's almost surreal going into Kmart or eating at the food court knowing we are yet so close to Japan. Ha ha ha. Sorta cool. : )

I am so glad you enjoyed yoru trip!!!! : )

illahee said...

sounds like fun! i hope to get to go to guam someday (being in western japan just adds to the price....)

deenster said...

Hi Gina! Thanks again for all of the information about Guam! It was so helpful! Yes, I can see how Guam would make you feel better when you are homesick...I think I will keep Guam in mind for those times when I feel homesick, too. And people in Guam were so friendly! We will definitely be going back.

Hi Illahee! Yes, I can imagine it would be more expensive to go from western Japan...and maybe it isn't as close from western Japan, either? I hope you get to go someday soon! In these Japanese winters anyplace with sun and beaches sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

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