Thursday, December 11, 2008

The experiment has already failed

So far my experiment has already failed seeing as I didn't write a post yesterday - oops! But I have an excuse...I was at the office until 8pm and I had an awful migraine, so I just came home and crashed.

And tonight it is unfortunately already past my bedtime so I think it is time for me to turn off the computer.

In other news, has anyone read any good books lately? I read Then She Found Me by Elinor Lipman, and I really liked it. Apparently it is now a film with Helen Hunt and Better Midler...wonder when it will come out in Japan?!


illahee said...

it's ok, it happens to all of us! i'm sorry you had a headache, hope the rest of the week is pain-free!

Gina said...

Ohh, I just clicked the link for your book and it said....

"My biological mother was seventeen when she had me in 1952, and even that was more than I wanted to know about her..."

That alone sorta pulled me in. I really like Bette Midler a lot, so I will really be wanting to see that movie. Yeah, now you got me curious and wondering....when is it going to get to us in Japan? Ha ha ha.

I hope your migraine went away.
: ( Migraines are the pits! : (

I read a lot of magazines, fluff stuff mainly and Parents magazine too. But last real book I read was a few month's ago, it was about the life of Valerie Bertinelli, you know the gal from "One day at a Time?" : ) It was an amazing book. I sorta want to read it again and again.

And just so you know....whenever you blog is fine by me, once a month, once every 2 month's, I'll always be here to read ya! : ) Have a good week! : )

deenster said...

Illahee - thanks for your comment! Thankfully the rest of my week was pretty much pain-free...but I am still a horrible blogger. *sigh* Wish I could stick with something for once in my life.

Gina - Thank you for the sweet comment about always being there to read! That was very sweet! I recommend that book if you get the chance to read it...unfortunately I already gave mine away, but you can probably find it at Maruzen or Kinokuniya if there is one near you. I read a lot of fluff magazines, too! In fact, I will read nearly any magazine I can get my hands on. There is something about a magazine that is so fun to read...turning the pages, the information that is theoretically more current than books, the way the magazine is designed, etc., etc. R always says that my hobby is "magazines." Ha ha

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