Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Favorite websites

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

I was thinking last night about the websites I usually visit and how I tend to have a few that are my favorites. There is so much out on the internet that sometimes it can be overwhelming, but here are my favorite sites that I check regularly!

- http://www.flickr.com/
I am wayyyyyyyyy behind with uploading photos, but I love Flickr! It's so much fun to share photos with family and friends this way.

- http://www.amazon.co.jp/ and http://www.amazon.com/
I use Amazon.co.jp for books as much as possible to save on shipping costs, and I have been able to sell quite a few used books on there, too! For everything else, though, I look at Amazon.com. These two sites get way too much of my money...

- http://www.facebook.com/
I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook....there is so much cyberdrama that happens on there. But it is a great way to keep in touch.

- http://www.makeupalley.com/
I check this site before I buy any new makeup products to see what people are saying about them! I love the product reviews, and I have written quite a few myself. Great site!

- www.dogeared.com
I love to "window shop" (ha ha) at this site because their jewelry is so adorable! Very creative designs. My friend has the wishbone necklace and it is so sweet!!! Perfect place to daydream.

Hmmm...that is my list of the top of my head. What are your favorite sites?


Gina said...

Oh my gosh, you won't believe this but I've been a member of Makeupalley forever. Like for 10 years type stuff. I remember the girl who actually started it...her name is Hara from NY! And then she sold makeupalley to a conglomerate (sp?). Ha ha ha. How funny! : )

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I followed you from ... I think GINA... right on.. me too G, been a member there since she started it... I'll have to tell you.. Great picks on websites Deenster = )

illahee said...

i usually order from amazon.com, because of a bigger selection. i find the price difference between the two is usually not very much.

thanks for all the sites! will have to check them out (except for flickr, i already love that one!)

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