Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another wild Saturday night

It's 11:00pm on a Saturday night, and here I am the computer surfing the internet and watching DVDs in my pajamas while drinking a beer. R is in the next room trying to catch up on some zzz's because he hasn't been able to sleep well the past week and is exhausted.

Yes, it's another crazy Saturday night - ha.

Actually, I haven't had a beer at home by myself in a long time....a very long time! But I found out today that the sharp pain I am feeling in my neck when I turn it a certain way is actually a sprain, and the doctor told me I had to take it easy. "Your disks in your neck aren't in great condition anyway, and I'm guessing you got really tired this week and then this happened. You can't get yourself this's going to go straight to your neck every time," he told me. I have been seeing him for five years, so I trust his judgment.

So not being one to disobey doctor's orders, I "took it easy" tonight by having R meet me at the station after my doctor appointment and whisk me off (in his tiny little power blue car...I love that car - that's a topic for another post) to our favorite Indian restaurant. We stuffed ourselves with curry (which gets better every time we go there!) and samosas, and then once we got home I immediately plopped myself on the couch with DVDs.

Without going into too many details, last week at work was hellish, though miraculously I got a lot of work done so I have quite a bit to show for all of the overtime hours. Next week promises to be even MORE hellish (as if that were possible!) and I have meetings starting at 6pm or later every day except Friday. ARGH. Meetings starting at 6pm means that if I am *lucky* I get to leave the office at 8pm. ARGH.

There aren't enough hours in the day.

But Friday I really *must* leave early because....we are taking a spontaneous trip to Guam!!! Yay!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Gina said...

Good morning, oh yummm, I love Indian food! I've been dying to go to my favorite Indian place but it's so far. Been craving it for 6 month's ha ha ha.
: ( I should just make my own, but I know it won't be as good. Ha ha ha. : (

Next week your meetings will start at 6pm? OMG, that sucks so bad. Leaving the office around 8pm, sounds very bad, I don't know how you do it. You are so amazing to me really.

Silver lining is you guys are heading to Guam!!! I am so beyond excited for you guys! You will love it! : )

PS, ouch at your disks in your neck. Neck sprain sounds painful. : (

Gina said...

PS, sorry me again. Not sure which airline you are taking. If you are flying from Narita you most likely are taking NWA or Continental.

Just wanted to say....if you are taking NWA. Please get there early. Because 6 out of 10 times that flight leaves early, trust me, Noboru works for NWA, we know. It truly does. Sometimes even 30 minutes early. Most people don't know that.
The flight is a morning one. And it leaves around 9am or so. So get there early. I usually arrive around 7:30 am, just to make sure we get checked in properly before the huge crowd gets there around 8am. And I'm usually passed the security check and at the gate with my Mc Donald's breakfast by 8am.

Now watch, now that I said that the flight will leave late. Knowing my luck. Ha ha ha. But I did just want to help. : ) Have a wonderful trip. : )

deenster said...

Hi Gina! We flew Continental, and you were absolutely right about the flight leaving early! Thank you for the tip! We were an evening flight, but after reading your comment I made sure R and I were at Narita early, and I'm glad I did! Thank you again for the information!

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