Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where's the beef?

So I read an article about how Eva Longoria is apparently now "defending" her "new, rounder figure" (as if she is its lawyer or something....). The photo offered as proof of this was:

Hmmm...I see nothing here that needs defending. In fact, if she is getting crap for looking like this, I am surprised I haven't been arrested by now for disturbing the peace.

Sick, sick standards of beauty for women!


Gina said...

*Excellent* topic btw!!! You know, I agree and I had heard that too.
Why in the media, is there so much speculation and rumor about Eva Longoria Parker and her weight, she's so skinny to begin with. : ( The whole.... "Is she pregnant?" "Look how many pounds she's packed on" (what... maybe 4 pounds tops, lol)I dig Eva Longoria anyway, and like her character on Desperate Housewives a lot, and I think she is drop dead gorgeous no matter what. But gosh, all summer long she's been under fire and constant gossip! Oh yeah and Deenster, I also saw her on the award ceremony last week on satelite, she was the best dressed in my opinion. She had a silver little empire waist baby doll type dress with huge silver bow on front. She was breath taking. And would you believe the person running commentary again said..."look at the pounds she's packed on, do you think she's pregnant?" I was shocked. Even now she must weigh barely 100 pounds and that's soaking wet, ha ha ha!

Yesterday, I was honestly sad to read on Yahoo news, that she actually had to come out... defend herself and say..."I am not pregnant, I just stopped exercising but I am still a size 00." Poor Eva. When will people let up.: ( I'm glad that you like her too Deenster. Me too. What's with people now days anyway? : ( Ha ha ha. : )

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