Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's been a busy couple of weeks! Lots of changes: R is changing jobs (more on that later), I am still getting used to my new job, etc., etc. So how best to deal with these changes? To take a super cheap trip to Hokkaido! :-)
R and I both lived in Hokkaido (that's where we met) and it is super relaxing for both of us to go there and hang out. This time we spent some time in Sapporo and some in Hidaka. Beautiful, amazing weather the whole time and fabulous food made for a great trip. We spent a night at an onsen (and a cheap one at that!), went horseback riding, went to a lake, and more. So much fun!

Blue, blue sky

Wide open spaces and flowers


P.S. The photos above were taken with our new camera!


Gina said...

You seriously always take the best trips! And so funny because, my husband has been dying to take us to Hokkaido for a short stay! And I'm in agreement too, just haven't had the chance yet (might take us a few years at this rate, ha ha ha). It looks really gorgeous there by looking at your pictures! I've never ever been there. : ( Also, your new camera took *amazing* pictures.

Since R is changing jobs, then it's a good thing you guys took this trip, so that you both, can get that bit of relaxation you both needed! : )

illahee said...

i haven't been to hokkaido, which has been on my 'list' for about eight years!!

deenster said...

Hi Gina and Illahee! I highly recommend Hokkaido! It's great for a short trip when you want to get away for maybe a three-day weekend (of course, then the rest of Japan usually has the same idea, but...). The food is good, the roads are wide and open, there are lots of outdoorsy things to do (even ones I enjoy despite the fact that I am definitely NOT an outdoorsy type girl!), and best of all, you can find really cheap package trips there! Of course the winter can be a little rough, though. :-)

Illahee - Actually, I have never been to Kyushu! It's been high on my list for years, too and I still haven't made it... I must do something about that!

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