Saturday, September 13, 2008

In a funk

I don't what it is, but lately I have really been in a funk. Is it because the past two months have been incredibly busy? Is it because I'm tired and I am trying to adjust to a new schedule getting up earlier for work? Is it some kind of post-job change stress catching up with me? Not sure, but I wish I could find a way to recharge myself. This weekend is a three-day weekend, though, and it might be just what I need!

In other news, H&M opened in Ginza today! I was actually in Ginza to meet some friends and was tempted to go, but I talked myself out of it. I knew it would be ultra-crowded and I wasn't in the mood to go be pushed around by strangers. But all the people in Ginza with H&M bags made me really, really want to go! I *really* hope they have a decent selection of sizes.

Today I met up with my former boss and two former coworkers. He has left the company and will be moving to northern Japan for another job. We dished about the rumors and gossip we have all heard about people in the much has happened at that place! It's truly like a soap opera, and I am glad I got out. It was not a healthy place to be, despite all the amazing people who are there. I did make a lot of really great friends there, though, so I don't regret working there at all. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? :-)


Gina said...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, is so right!!! Ha ha ha you are so right about that!

I'm sorry you are in a funk right now. I too get in a funk about twice a year. And it can last a few days to even a whole week even. I think for you it could be the post job change stress also it could be because you have been *so* busy. You are bound to wind up in a funk once in a while. It's natural and heck it hits us all, you are never alone with that my friend. : ) I think mine could be seasonal or perhaps I take on too much with the kids school stuff and feel run down and ragged at times. And then builds up in me every 6 months. : (

I think you need this 3 day weekend you are getting. Hopefully you can recharge your batteries so to speak. You deserve it. You really *really* do.

OMG, I had no idea H&M opened up in Tokyo. You are the best info share person I know!!! Thank you, thank you! Ohh Deena, you should go do some retail therapy if you can fine some time. But yeah if it is new, it could be totaly overly crowded huh. Drats! : ( Please update if you check out the sizes, would love to know about the sizing. I have never ever went to an H&M store before but I have always wanted to, even just to take a look. Have heard about them for a long time. Just never been in one.

Have a good weekend. I have a 2 day weekend, (Sunday and Monday) will be spending it on the couch with sweatpants, with remote control in hand. Ha ha ha. : )

Anonymous said...

When I get into any type of funk I work out- slap on my ipod and dance around in my out till I fall out..

H&M- I loved their flagship in Sweden... UQ will have to compete with their Euro chicness.

I don't normally do crowds. Where in the heck did you work that was so horrible? But I have had my share of those , in fact I find I am the "jane of all trades" in Japan..

deenster said...

Hi Gina! Yes, I agree that we all wind up in a funk once in a while. I think seasons are a big trigger for me, too, as well as just stress (though it always seems to me like my reaction to stress is quite delayed...I don't know why...guess that's just how my body works). Three-day weekends seem to help...wish every week could be a three-day weekend! Ha ha. I will definitely let you know about H&M sizes as soon as I am able to get into the store to check things out. Apparently another store is opening in November in Harajuku, and then another in Shibuya next year, so hopefully after those are open crowds will thin out and become manageable. I was living in New York when the first H&M in the US opened there, and the lines were crazy!! Given that this is Japan where people are not afraid of lines, it could remain crazy for a while (e.g. Krispy Kreme!). Hope your weekend was great!

Girl Japan - working out is definitely something I need to do more of!! Dancing around in pajamas to music is a GREAT idea - I think I will try that. The company where I was previously was a foreign (American) financial company in Tokyo, but unfortunately my bad job luck started long before that. Thankfully my current workplace is a somewhat sane one! Yay.

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