Monday, September 15, 2008

Where did my three-day weekend go?!

Well, the three-day weekend is almost over. Hard to believe it went by so quickly!

R and I had a nice weekend. We ran errands, did some shopping, ate at a couple of our favorite restaurants, and cleaned up around the apartment a little.

I also (finally) finished embroidering a towel I had been working on for a while! I'm still a beginner embroiderer, so my work isn't very precise, but it was a lot of fun. The designs are from Sublime Stitching.

An apple jumping for joy. I don't know what she is so happy about, but I would rather have a happy apple than a sad one.

I am actually not a fan of onions, especially when raw, but I do think they make a rather yummy pair with carrots, especially in stews and soups.

These two citrus characters just brought to mind retirees in sunny Florida learning the cha cha and having fun in the sun.

I also embroidered a tomato, but it has a small stain next to it on the towel and the picture isn't very pretty.

So it is back to work tomorrow, but it's a short week! Yay! Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

P.S. My thoughts go out to everyone who works at Lehman Brothers. It's gotta suck to have your company file for bankruptcy and then be left in the lurch. I emailed a friend who works there and his response was, "It's a sad situation." I know Lehman has a lot of dedicated and talented employees, so it truly is a sad situation.


Gina said...

You embroider? Holy goodness, I had no idea! And I think your projects are gorgeous, and the detailing to me looks professional. Looks like they came from a store that's how good of work you did, yet I know you clearly did them that's talent! : ) They are sincerely gorgeous, really, really! : )

Meanwhile me? Nope, not crafty at all. : ( I cannot, sew, knit, crochet, embroider or do anything like that to save my life. : ( Horrible of me, I know it. I can however sew name labels on sons school stuff but that is about as high as I can go on my sewing machine. LOL. Sigh. Ha ha ha. : )

deenster said...

Thanks, Gina! I appreciate the compliments! :-) Actually, this is my first real embroidery project. If you could see the back of the fabric you would be able to tell what a messy job I did! Ha ha.

I'm impressed that you have and can use a sewing machine! I haven't used one since...gee...Home Ec in middle school. I really don't think I can remember how to use one! And I find it rather ironic that even though I embroider I never feel comfortable repairing buttons... I have no idea why.

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