Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random things about me #3

3. Until I went away to college I could always see mountains in the distance from whatever house we lived in. After going to college in New York City I realized how much I missed seeing mountains, even if they were far away. Now we have an awesome view of Mt. Fuji (especially in the winter) from our apartment, and the first thing I do every morning is to look outside at Mt. Fuji.


Gina said...

Yup, I hear that!!! I grew up with the most amazing view of the Rocky Mountains outside our back door, which was our kitchen door. They were always right there, so big and beautiful.

When we first moved to Japan. our first rental house, we had houses on all sides, so close we could hear our neighbors literally stir their coffee in the morning, I swear (clank clank). It was so weird for me. When I'd look out my windows, I had no view of mountains or of nature. I had a view of my neighbors! Once I looked out the window out of habit and saw the teenage boy studying, he saw me and I saw him. I felt so bad, I almost wanted to shout out...."Sorry and I wasn't meaning to peek at you!!!!" Just looking for a view. Whoops. He didn't care. But I never looked out my windows again after that.

We moved to a place now where I can look out my windows and see nature. Wish it was mountains. But at least it's not neighbors houses or people. Ha ha ha. I do miss the mountains though.: (

When I went back to Denver this past September, everyday I was there I'd enjoy looking at the mountains. I didn't take them for granted. I think that's why we went to the mountains to that hot spring, just to be surrounded by the mountains.

You having a view of Mt Fuji sounds so cool. I would love to have a view like that.

deenster said...

Being able to see the Rocky Mountains must have been amazing!! And I hear you on the look-out-your-window-and-see-your-neighbor thing! I used to live in an apartment like that, and I felt like a voyeur even though I was just trying to look out the window - ha ha! Judging from the pictures on your blog, it looks like you have amazing views where you are now!!!!!

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