Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random things about me #17-#18

17. I lived in Sapporo for three years and it was a fabulous experience. Friendly people, awesome sights, incredible food, and some great friends. The city also gets 18 feet of snow a year, and surviving three winters of snow, snow, snow and ice, ice, ice was a great learning experience. People can truly adjust to just about anything.

18. I had numerous babysitting jobs from middle school throughout college, and I really enjoyed them. I taught day camps for four-year olds during summer vacation, nannied at Halloween parties, worked in a church nursery on Sundays, etc. I am also a Red Cross-certified babysitter and have the ID card to prove it. :-) I often wonder about the kids I babysat and what they are doing now.


illahee said...

i would love to live in hokkaido for a while, even though i hate the cold!

Gina said...

A red cross certified baby sitter in Japan. Well, if you ever feel the need to baby sit again, let me know, ha ha ha. *wink wink*

deenster said...

Illahee - Hokkaido is great! I do recommend summer, though...ha ha ha.

Gina - Your kids look like they would be fun to babysit!! Too bad we don't live closer! Let me know if you even need a babysitter in Tokyo. Ha ha. :-)

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