Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random things about me #14-#16

14. Living in Japan was at first a bad influence on my body image because I couldn't find clothes/underwear/shoes/anything that fit me like it should, but I have stopped worrying about this and have found ways to get around it (certain stores with clothes cut to fit me, shopping in the US/Guam, etc.). I now have a much better body image than before.

15. When I am hungry I get cranky. Very cranky.

16. I used to hate coffee. Now I have to control myself.


Gina said...

I get grouchy when hungry too! :P

deenster said...

Being hungry is one thing I just can't take!! I try to keep some kind of snacks in my bag for those times when I get really hungry and I feel like I am going to bite someone's head off (literally and figuratively) but sometimes I forget.

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