Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, yet again it's been forever and a day since I have updated my blog. I won't even try to make excuses.

My friend who found out she has a brain tumor is doing ok. She was hospitalized for a while, and she is now at home resting until her surgery on June 5. She is understandably nervous about the surgery, as I guess with brain tumors the doctors don't really know how bad it is until they get in and try to take it out. The doctors can't give her any guarantees about paralysis or anything else that might result. We'll see. She is a really positive person, thank goodness, and it is really amazing to watch her go through this with such grace.

In other news, I am changing jobs. My last day at work is June 3 and then my next gig starts on July 1. I'm nervous about the new job, but it's no use looking back now that I have made my decision. Wish me luck!

On an unrelated note, I read with sadness that ex-TBS announcer Ako Kawada commited suicide today. I really didn't know who she was, but I do recognize her face from TV. The article said that her blog had been filled with entries for the past few weeks about how down she was feeling and about how she didn't want to even go to work anymore. I can't help but think that this woman probably suffered from depression and her life might have been saved if someone had encouraged her to get help. Of course, it's very possible that someone did try and she refused, but either way it's sad.


illahee said...

good luck with the job!

i am almost jealous, all these new jobs popping up everywhere!

also, wishing all the best for your friend and her surgery.

Gina said...

I am so relieved to hear your friend is doing okay. And I hope her surgery is a huge success!!! I am sending her all the best wishes I can!!! : )

And woohoo! Right on for you, about the upcoming starting of a new job! Oh man, you totally deserve a new one! Especially after all the "over time" on top of over time, they were expecting from you. Good for you!!! : )

deenster said...

Illahee - Thank you! I am pretty nervous about it, and I am definitely not looking forward to the stress of starting at a new place, but I am thankful for the job.

Gina - Thank you for your kind wishes! Unfortunately it sounds like the new job will also have a lot of overtime, but at least I will get paid for it! :-) I'm hoping that will sweeten the pain - ha ha.

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