Wednesday, April 09, 2008

With wishes for a friend

I have been at my current job for a year, and while it has its ups and downs and I'm not sure how long I will stay, I will never regret joining the company because of two wonderful friends I have made there, S and T. All three of us joined at the same time, and we hit it off immediately. We support each other, cheer each other up, and encourage each other to take on new challenges. It feels as though we have known each other for years. We are truly great friends.

Today one of those friends (T) got some bad news.

I wasn't at my desk when it happened, but apparently this morning T was suddenly unable to see out of one eye and felt nauseous and collapsed. S (who sits closeby) rushed to her desk and called an ambulance. T was rushed to the hospital, the right side of her body numb, and vomiting and unable to see the whole trip. S went with her and called T's family.

This evening T's mother called to let us know that T would not be staying overnight in the hospital. However, an MRI showed a brain tumor...

A brain tumor?! How is this possible???? T is still in her 30s and one of the most genki and healthy people I know.

T is going to have more tests done on Friday to determine if the tumor is malignant or not. While it is of course too early to know what is going to happen, S and I are shocked.

My birthday is coming up and R keeps asking me what I want. I couldn't decide on anything, but after today I know the only thing I want: for T to get well.


Gina said...

A brain tumor? That's horrible!!! How can such horrible awful things like that happen to such wonderful people! You know what I mean? And to be so young too! Please keep us updated! Your poor friend must be in shock and you must be very upset! I'm really really sorry! : (

Mayuko said...

Hi Deena,
Very sorry about your bad day (and maybe your friend's worst day). That is horrible. I am thankful for my (somewhat) and your health. Hope your friend is all right.

Ali said...

Wow - that really is so sad and I have to say, makes me happy for what I have. Totally scary though and I wish your friend much better health. And I hope that you are ok too.

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