Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

Though it's been many years since I wore a costume on this day, I always enjoy celebrating it. That used to mean, of course, trick-or-treating fun!! Once I got older it meant handing out candy and enjoying the costumes of the neighborhood kids, and then after I went to college Halloween was best celebrated by heading to Greenwich Village to see the Halloween Parade.

Though Halloween has started to catch on in Japan, it's still not nearly the day that it is in the US. But I do feel excited every time I walk by the (overpriced) mini-pumpkins at my local supermarket...Halloween is such a great day!

So how will everyone be celebrating today? I will be enjoying a feast of Peking Duck with the lovely Ms. Tari and some other friends...completely unrelated to Halloween, but just as exciting! :-)

By the way, here is a fun way to carve a pumpkin if you find yourself unable to do the real thing:
(Courtesy of Blue Lotus, one of my regular blog reads.)


Gina said...

Oh, I *love* all the pics of all the cute dogs, dressed up in costumes! I really like dogs though. I've always been a dog owner, since I was real little. Sigh, I haven't owned a dog since living in Japan though....so your pics totally made me smile!

Your plans sound awesome...I hope you guys had a blast! : )

As for my plans, my sons and I just stayed home, carved a pumpkin and watched the Nightmare Before Christmas. Pretty lame, I'm sure. Ha ha ha.

And by the way...I will be on the lookout for the dark choco KitKat, thanks I had no idea they were being sold here at all, until you told me! : )

Have a good night! : )

umeshu said...

Loved the pumpkin carving link! That was totally fun!

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