Wednesday, October 11, 2006

For the chocoholics

Any chocoholics out there? I would certainly classify myself as one.

If you've read "Candyfreak" by Steve Almond, you know about the elusive dark chocolate Kit Kat, discontinued years ago and seemingly doomed to never make a comeback.

Well, imagine my delight when I found it!! I was in a 7-11 in Hong Kong last week buying water when I saw one on the rack next to the cash register. It was the last one left and it looked so lonely all alone in its box next to the regular Kit Kats. I was of course thrilled and bought it without hesitation.

However, after buying it I tried to find more information on the Internet about dark chocolate Kit Kats. Are they exclusive to Hong Kong? Are they a limited time version? I found many, many pages about dark chocolate Kit Kats, but what surprised me was that the packaging shown on all of the homepages I found is totally different from the packaging of the Kit Kat I bought. question now is, do I eat it? It looked authentic enough sitting on the candy rack in the 7-11, but now I'm not so sure. After all, it was the only one left, which suddenly seems fishy to my hyperactive paranoid mind. How much do I risk for a chance to try the rare dark chocolate Kit Kat?

I'll probably risk it.


Gina said...

So Deenster, spill the beans please! How was that rare dark chocolate Kit Kat? I keep checking back for I just gotta ask! ha ha ha : )

deenster said...

Thanks for checking in, Gina! Well, I have to report that the rare dark chocolate Kit Kit was FABULOUS, though a little melted and deformed after being in my suitcase in Singapore and then back to Tokyo. BUT the most shocking thing was that after I ate it I went to my local supermarket here in Tokyo and noticed that they now have dark chocolate Kit Kats, too!!!!! You should try one if you get the chance.

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