Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Starbucks latte withdrawal, day three

I survived!! I made my own latte, and then for the rest of the afternoon I downed multiple cups of lemon tea.

Thanks to a hellish day of work I was able to keep my mind off my craving for that frothy, sweet, satisfying Starbucks latte.

Only two more days to go.


Granny said...

My favorite coffee shop here is the Barnes & Noble cafe which serves Starbucks products in a much quieter environment.

But $3 or $4 dollars? I get there about once a week.

Thanks for the comment on granny. We're enjoying the new arrival who should be out of hospital and home tomorrow.

deenster said...

I really wish the "cafe in a bookstore" concept would catch on in Japan, too... Like you, the cafe at Barnes & Noble is my favorite place to get a cup of coffee when I go home!

Hope all is going well with your new family member. :-) Again, congratulations!

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