Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Johnny Depp is brilliant

But then again, everyone knew that already, right?

I have been a Johnny Depp fan since Don Juan DeMarco came out, though I must confess it was less because of his acting talent and more because he was so hot in the film. Then I started to discover some of his other work, too, and my appreciation of him grew to include his incredible acting ability. Now, he has been in some films along the way that I think he would have been better off without, The Ninth Gate being one of them, but I have always admired his willingness to try roles similar to nothing he has ever done before, and then have the discipline and talent to really succeed at them.

That is exactly why I had high expectations for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Johnny didn't let me down. A brilliant film!! Bizarre, zany, and fun. Johnny Depp was at his best - a slightly dark, always weird, yet strangely endearing characterization (that at times bore such a resemblance to Michael Jackson that I had to laugh).

Once again Johnny Depp pulls it off, and wonderfully. The more films he makes, the more I feel justified in being a fan. Now I can say it's because he's so talented, not just because he's so darn good-looking. Hee hee.


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