Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No excuses

It has been forever and a day since I blogged. I really have no excuse... I am going to make a list of the things that have happened since I last blogged so I can try to remember that I do have some things to blog about! If I am feeling ambitious I will try to write a post about each one in the coming weeks:

- Deenster and R got married! No ceremony yet, but legally we are hitched.
- Deenster and R bought a house! Well, a "mansion" technically. Deenster gets treated like absolute crap by the bank!
- Deenster works crazy hours on a huge project and sacrifices her social life! But on the bright side I got to go to Ireland twice for work.
- Deenster and R get rid of R's adorable car! A sad day even though we didn't use it much.
- And more.

Hope everyone is well!


illahee said...

congratulations!!!! are you planning a celebration?

Gina said...

Congratulations on getting married. That's wonderful news!

And congratulations on buying a new house! There are lots of pluses to living in a mansion! No yard work for starters. We do lots of yard work around here ; ) I bet it's beautiful!

Ireland? OMG! I have honestly always wanted to go there. You're so lucky.

Post whenever you can, I'm still checking in on you.

Bummer about the car. : ( And shame on the bank for treating you like that!!!

Kaba said...

Congratulations. Both on the wedding and the house! Banks can be crappy don't take it personally.

deenster said...

Hi Illahee - thank you! We are hoping to do some kind of small ceremony/celebration, but we haven't set anything yet. Maybe just family at a simple ceremony in Hawaii (good halfway point) or something??? We want to try to minimize cost if possible, but everything is so spendy...

Gina - thank you for the congratulations! The new apartment is nice - I finally feel like I live in a "grown up" place - ha ha! But we've been here two weeks and we are still not anywhere near unpacked...*sigh* Maybe that's a sign we need to get rid of stuff? Ha ha.

Kaba - thank you! Yes, you are right about banks...the saga has continued with them but I am trying not to take it personally. They treat me as if I don't even exist! Oh well. We are the ones who asked them for money, after all, so we can't expect too much! :-)

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