Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm a horrible blogger.

Ugh. I am such a horrible blogger. So much has happened since my lazy days of summer in June making sun dried tomatoes, but instead of writing about that I will write about something totally mundane: broccoli.

This is a photo of broccoli out on the town. Back in May before I changed jobs, on my way to work I transferred to the Hibiya Line at Hibiya Station one rainy morning. As I walked down the crowded platform I thought I saw an empty seat on the bench, which I was determined to get because there are never any open seats at Hibiya Station in the mornings. But when I got closer I saw that it was just some broccoli hanging out. Broccoli at 8:30am in a station that has absolutely no supermarkets around it... I wish broccoli could talk so I could ask it how it got there.


Gina said...

A broccoli just kicking back at the train station? OMG, I love that!

How about.....maybe he narrowly escaped the grocery store (didn't wanna end up on someone's dinner plate), made a quick dash and was heading back to the farm where he was born? Or how about, he had a hot date? *winks* : )

Am glad you are blogging again! I hope it has cooled off a bit for you. It has cooled off for us these last few days. : )

Anonymous said...

It's not mundane at all, at least you are blogging- its totally therapeutic and I try and make a date with mine- but am avoiding the migration.

BTW I think I found you from Sakura??

deenster said...

Gina- I like your theory about the hot date! ha ha. Just imagining that makes me smile. :-) Do broccoli date other vegetables, I wonder? ha ha

Girl Japan - thanks for coming by! I look at Sakura Flavored Days pretty often, but hadn't ever commented until the other day. Please check back in again - I'm a bad blogger, though. :-)

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