Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's been a long time

It has yet once again been forever since I've written anything on my blog. I'm surprised I even remembermy Blogger password!

Things have been busy. My boss told me I need to "work more overtime," which is absolutely ridiculous as I already work more hours than are necessary, not to mention the fact that I get to the office every day before anyone else in my section (not that it's a content or anything, but give me some credit!). Work just generally sucks. Time to make another move? I haven't decided yet, but I do know that there is no light-waiting-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel where I am now. It's this or nothing.

One very bright spot, though, was the trip that R and I took to Cambodia last week! I will be posting photos for sure. If you haven't been to Cambodia, I highly recommend going!


Gina said...

You have to work actually more overtime? Is this boss of yours crazy? Ha ha ha. Grrr to your boss. My god that really does suck. Okay, is there a possibility to change jobs, at all. I really hope so.

I'm so sorry Deenster, that sucks big time! : (

Happy Easter! : )

deenster said...

Thanks, Gina! Yes, I think my boss is crazy, too...and it has only gotten worse recently! Why is it that it seems like all jobs in Japan involve ridiculous overtime? *sigh*

How was your Easter? It looks like your boys had fun dying Easter eggs!

Gina said...

Yes, they do seem to overtime people to death here, don't they? Ha ha ha : )

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