Monday, July 09, 2007

Random stuff

Just some random stuff...

1. I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and a very intimate affair (only 30 people including the bridge and groom!) so I was very honored to be invited. I must say, though, it was easily the most disorganized wedding I have ever been to. The ceremony took place in a restaurant with a dinner and party to follow, and the brdige and groom didn't even decide where in the restaurant they wanted to do the ceremony until the priest asked them (and everyone was already seated and watching). I was also way overdressed...I didn't realize there would be people there in crocs and shorts. Ooops. The bridge and groom really seemed to enjoy themselves, though, which is the important thing.

2. I've been trying to clean up my apartment recently (which is a very long process) and I have been selling stuff online. It's kind of a pain because you have to deal with some unreasonable buyers, but I think I'm kind of hooked! Wish I could do this every day.

3. I cannot wait for the three-day weekend coming up!

4. I went to lunch at a friend's place and noticed that she was wiping all the dishes with newspaper before she washed them. I asked why and she said that was to remove the oil so she doesn't need to use as much soap and water when she washes them. Wow...I'm not sure I can go that far, but I am trying to be a little more environmentally-conscious these days. I try to put a small tote bag in my purse so I don't need to get plastic bags at the grocery store. I try to turn off lights and try not to use more water than I need to. I try to open the window and bear the heat instead of just turning on the air conditioner. I recycle every piece of paper that I get rid of. But I'm having trouble thinking of other things... What do you do to be environmentally-conscious?


montchan (MJ Bliss) said...

I am totally environmentally unfriendly, and not bothered by it in the least. Part of it is that our electricity and water are included in the rent, so the money saving factor is gone. And I drive everywhere because it's too cold to walk for most of the year...
I am sure I will change once when we move to a more pleasant place, though :)

Taiko Tari said...

I cook lunch. One day I was apalled by the many plastic bags that I acquired (as well as the disposable container) when I bought my lunch at the convenience store.
That's probably the only environmentally friendly thing I do. Yeah of course I recycle, too, but the standard one that all Tokyoites have to adhere to.

How are you, Deena? Let's try to get together soon!

kuri & ping said...

The wedding sounds fun! Disorganized weddings are nice too, especially when you're not responsible to do anything. :) Hmmm...environmentally friendly things. I used to work for an environmental research institute so I should have some good ones, right? Let's see...I don't use wooden chopsticks in restaurants (I bring my own, if I know they don't have them), don't use the a/c, take public transport if I can't walk somewhere, tend to keep furniture and electronics around until they are on their last legs after repairs...Hmmmm...not very much, I guess! :)

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