Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My morning coffee

Lately my morning cup of coffee just hasn't been doing it for me. It doesn't rev me up like it used to, and instead I am left needing more. Caffeine is truly a drug.

But I have found a new way to get that same high feeling I used to be able to get from my morning cup of java.
Recently I can't get enough of Aretha Franklin!
I bought one of those "The Nice Price" cheap-o compiliations of her music on sale at Tower Records back in college, and I have recently rediscovered it. It's amazing how a few minutes of "Spirit in the Dark" on the train can help one forget even the worst back-to-work blues, and even just the first few bars of "Without Love" take away the tension in my shoulders after a stressful day at work. The other day in Starbucks "Rock Steady" (warning: link has sound!) came on while I was waiting for my latte and it was all I could do not to break out in dance.
Wonder what will happen on the day I forget my iPod on the way out the door...might not be able to get any work done!
P.S. Check out the awesome crowd on that "Rock Steady" clip. Man, I miss Soul Train!!


Taiko Tari said...

Deena, may I borrow the CD please? Also your ultimate U2 collection? I want to pile them in my iPod.


Ali said...

Excellent idea Tari... sounds like a great way to kick start my day too. BTW, I am loving Aretha's hair. I used to be able to do that before the straight perm.

kuri & ping said...

Great tunes! What an amazing way to start the day, especially when coffee alone doesn't do it. :)

deenster said...

Oh man, Ali, imagining you with that Aretha hair is giving me the giggles!!

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