Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Culinary adventures in Tokyo

This past week has been full of culinary adventures!

The weekend started off with brunch at Au Temps Jadis with the lovely Montchan in from Sweden and the ever-amazing Tari!
We munched on yummy crepes and lots of free goodies thanks to Tari being a regular.

It was a great morning! Thanks, ladies, and hope you are having a great time in Tokyo, Montchan!

After brunch I met R and we had cake with Sebastian, a friend from Sapporo.

The cake was excellent, and the weather was fabulous, too! I got lost on the way to the restaurant despite having been there multiple times before, but all's well that ends well, right? :-)

Then tonight I went to a sayonara party for Karah. We just met in December (though we probably attended some of the same conferences in our previous jobs), and I wish I had met her earlier! The party was at Genghis Khan, an awesome Mongolian restaurant in Otsuka. The entire restaurant is made like a huge yurt!

Quite amazing interior!

The restaurant has Mongolian traditional clothing for all diners to wear, and the staff will even pick out a color for you.

Thanks to the awesome staff, a few rounds of a Mongolian drinking song, and lots of free vodka, everyone was having a good time.
Looking forward to my next dining adventure!


Ali said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Am insanely jealous of the amazing weather... we are freezing our collective a*ses off in NY. Wish you were here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taiko Tari said...

Am loving Montchan's fancy blue bag. I wonder where she got them. :))

Got a close up shot over at my hut, Deenster. Have a peek. I just loved your natural pose there.

deenster said...

Ali, the weather here is GORGEOUS!! Come back anytime!! (hint, hint) Hopefully I can swing a trip to NY soon...nearly everyone I know is moving sometime there this year!

Tari, Montchan's blue bag ROCKS!! :-) I liked her red one, too. Hee hee. Just checked out the close up on your page...I have a bad habit of turning my head at the wrong moment!

Genilimaa said...

Hi Deenster,
So here you are? I've read about you over at Tari's but never found my way here before.
Nice photo of you ladies, sounds like you had a great time.
(Jealous, me?)

Taiko Tari said...

Hello Deena my Tuesday (I've decided that's your new nick name) - I think we both need some stress release. And I think yoga is the way to do it. Wanna go some time? I know this cool place down in Meguro run by a great yogi from California.

deenster said...

Hi Genilimaa! Thank you for coming back! Yes, you missed a great brunch unfortunately...great crepes and great company! :-)

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