Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So, if you had the choice of going to one of the following countries in September/October, which would you choose (considering climate, attractions, and the fact that you have probably a max of five days)?

1) Cambodia (mainly Angkor Wat)
2) Taiwan
3) Malaysia (Penang)
4) Vietnam
5) Phillipines (Cebu Island)

Please leave your vote in the comments section. Of course, this is all working under the assumption that your boss (who has taken exactly two days of vacation during the entire year and a half you've been here) lets you take time off...


Gina said...

Wow, totally gorgeous exotic destinations! I'm thinking Taiwan, Malaysia or Vietnam would be *very* cool. Good luck deciding which one you'll go to. And I hope your boss gives you the time off as well! : )

kuri & ping said...

Definitely Cambodia...but I guess I'm biased since I've been to Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines before. :) Hope you get the vacation!

Sallie said...

I say Cambodia - Angkor Wat is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, and Phnom Penh is a great city. I loved Penang in Malaysia, but Cambodia is my favourite country I've visited.

happy holiday-ing!

medea said...

Sorry I'm late! I vote for Cebu, or Vietnam otherwise. All about the food, baby!

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