Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Shanghai photo 9 - Traditional medicine store

I walked in and took a look around the inside of the store. Wow! Any kind of ginseng you could want, and lots of exotic things, too, like a whole preserved bird's next with eggs (that had a price tag of nearly a $1,000). Very cool.


Gina said...

You're so lucky! I would have loved to have a look around a traditional medicine shop! Not sure if I would buy anything or not (maybe, who knows) but to at least look would be cool! : )

deenster said...

Yes, it was definitely a great experience! The shop also had a traditional medicine doctor who would prescibe herbs for any ailments, and I almost considered seeing him (partly for the splitting headache I had at the time, and partly just for the experience). He was closed for the day, though.

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