Friday, January 15, 2010

Feeling bad

I have the flu. And I feel miserable. I am actually feeling a million times better than earlier this week thanks to the miracle that is Tamiflu, but I feel so weak. It looks like I will be off work until next Wednesday (due to company rules, though I am no longer contagious according to the doctor...if the company wants to make me stay home, fine, but it p*sses me off that I am made to use my vacation time even though the doctor has given me the OK to go back to work on Monday!).

Anyway, being stuck at home with too much time on your hands and not enough energy to do anything productive means thinking too much...about things you haven't accomplished, things you said you would do but haven't (this blog, for example!), etc., etc. And unfortunately a lot of frustration built up yesterday during the day and then I took it out on R in the evening when he got home. Some of my frustrations were valid - despite numerous conversations about housework the man cannot seem to do his share without being prodded and forced - ARGH! But some of it was just me being in an awful mood.

Anyway, now I just feel bad in general. It's a beautiful day outside, though (too bad I can't go out and enjoy it).

I am most definitely getting a flu shot next year!!!!!


Gina said...

I'm sorry you caught the flu, but the tamiflu works great, like you said. We were given that when we had the swine flu and it worked really well. I hope you're feeling better. I have missed your posts. Happy New Year. : )

Marnix said...

Wat een heerlijke M line matrassen

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